Career Transition Master Class

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THE STORY: Any transition brings with it fear, anxiety and inertia. Tapping into existing skills sets or developing new skills is required to manage this change mentally, physically and emotionally. How does one cope with it? How does one deal with it?

The Client – American Women’s Organization AWA’s branch – WOW (Women On The Way Up)

Target Audience – Program for a highly discerning women audience

The Need – Manage career transition. If we keep doing the things we have always done, we will achieve the same results, if we want to achieve new results we need to start doing new things. So move from inertia to excitement, many ideas to a concrete idea, lacking in confidence to buzzing with confidence.

The Measure – Buzz with passion over the idea and have a blue print of action steps to make the transition smooth and seamless.

What We Did:

Always – Client First To experience the shift in mindset, change in skill sets, pain and excitement it takes to embrace change

And More

  • Large scale high energy activity.
  • Devise the 5 steps to Career Transition.
  • Craft the actions steps

The Intervention

  • Custom Designed Program.
  • Partnership to drive the objective of the meet.
  • Memorable by connecting to real time.

And that’s not all High engagement, experiential and participant driven agenda to create involvement.

Game changers

  • Know your mindset: Take your stand.
  • Know your Idea: Do what you know, do what others are doing, solve problem.
  • Know your Customer: Where you can create value, what is important, What are expectations.
  • Know your Business Plan: What it takes to start, what it takes to make it a success, What are milestones, resources, skills.
  • Know your network: Support systems, market analysis, collaborations, Put yourself out there.

The Results Ladies designed their respective mind maps in a structured manner Introspection: Self awareness.

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