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School-Non Teaching Staff
Institution Objective Outcome Highlights
School-Non Teaching Staff Principles of working with each other, Techniques to polish interpersonal skills, Learn to earn trust and respect of others Tools and techniques to help in interpersonal relationship and creating an environment of trust and openness Experiential with live examples and demos


Program portfolio
Program level Program name What it covers Duration
Level 1 (11-13 years) Building Blocks
  • Interpersonal Skills -2hours
  • Communication -2hours
  • Time management -2hours
  • Public Speaking -2hours
Total 8 hour course
Level 2 (14-16 years) Personal Effectiveness
  • Creative Thinking -6hours
  • Problem Solving -2hours
  • Build self esteem -2hours
  • Presentation skills -2hours
Total 12 hour course
Level 3 (15-17 years) Lateral Thinking Skills Edward deBono Thinking Skills 16hours
Level 4 (15-17 years) Decision Making Skills 6 Thinking Hats By Edward deBono 8hours


Institution Objective Outcome Highlights
Secondary school students Principles of working with each other. Learn to earn trust and respect of others Tools and techniques to help in interpersonal relationship Typical school scenarios for practice
MBA Students Leadership development – credit course Students gained insights into basic competencies required at the work place. Tools and techniques to bridge the gap Post program evaluation and marks awarded to their overall credits
Under Graduates Help students to build their self-confidence and prepare themselves for Interviews and group discussion Tools, techniques and practice sessions to understand themselves and learn to bridge the gap Curriculum approach to cater to needs of first, second and third year students
PG Students – HRM Understanding HR in corporate life Students were able to understand Theory and its application in corporate Understand the nuances of HR practices and prepare them for HR as a profession


Institution Objective Outcome Highlights
Secondary Thinking, Social and Emotional skills, teachers learnt to access and evaluate these skills among children thru experience and assessment. Sincere effort from students and teachers to demonstrate the skills on a daily basis Report card presented per child across these parameters
Primary & Secondary High powered skills to augment the learning experience Edward deBono’s CoRT tools Experiential with live examples and demos
Kindergarten, Primary & Secondary Program Series
  • Give feedback to parents and students
  • Giving and gaining respect
  • Communicate Assertively
Create an environment of openness and transparency. Express themselves in a manner that is understood by others Program series
MBA Teaching Staff Enhancing teaching skills Improve interaction and learning experience Faculty could see their learning curve


Institution Objective Outcome Highlights
School Principals Develop understanding of Culture Develop sense of accountability for results Be the facilitators for change Creating a list of key values, respect and celebrate the difference Practical ways of demonstrating values consistently Creating a culture that is pervasive and sustainable Action plan prepared to be implemented at the respective schools


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