Effective Negotiation Skills

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The Question - How do we develop the ability to influence people to achieve the results you want while maintaining relationships for the future?

The Client: A non-profit organisation dedicated to growing the number of women in decision-making and leadership positions.

Target Audience: Mentors and Proteges.

The Focus

  • Negotiation is not a Win-Lose, not Lose-Win. Win-Win negotiation.
  • It is not combative. It is collaborative.
  • Getting work done and building or maintaining relationship through consensus.
The Measure: Application back at work.

What We Did

Always – Client First

  • Engaged deeply with the Client to understand their vision.
  • Iterative designing to incorporate problems, typical situations, attitude to solutions.
  • Understood on-the-job relevance and client expectations.

The Intervention

  • Practical tools and techniques for creative and effective Negotiation.
  • 4 steps for Negotiation to add value in your conversation.
  • Prepare your blue-print for real time negotiation.
  • Experience ease and confidence in personal and professional negotiation.

The Game Changers

  • Involvement of participants in designing the curriculum.
  • Focus on building the right attitude, followed by relevant skills.
  • Realistic examples and activity based.
  • Practice sessions and group discussions leading to group learning.

The Takeaways

  • Preparing so that I get what I want out of the negotiation.
  • Relationship management for negotiations that fail.
  • Coping and managing various intimidation tactics from other parties.

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