Understand Unconscious Bias to create an Inclusive Workplace

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THE STORY: How is Unconscious Bias manifested at the workplace and what are its impact on working relationships and business?

The Client: Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC).

Target Audience: Program for EOC with participants from different local and global companies – HR Heads and Business Heads.

The Need: Move from unconscious to conscious. Be aware of one’s own biases.

The Measure: Identify the biases and the negative influence in personal and professional life.

What We Did

Always – Client First

  • To experience the shift in mindset, Types of Biases, Best in class experiences.
  • How beliefs create results, Powerful technique to overcome bias at workplace.
  • Identify shortcuts developed over time that we all use to make decisions - could be positive or negative.
  • Problem arises when we make incorrect deductions based on flawed logic or data.

And More

  • Large scale high energy activities.
  • Devise the 3 steps to transcend biases.
  • Craft the action steps.

The Intervention

  • Custom Designed Program.
  • Storytelling technique.
  • Memorable by connecting to real time.

And that’s not all

    High engagement, self-assessment, experiential and participant driven agenda to create involvement.

Game changers: Learning

  • Create an environment that is bias free/consciousness of bias. No bias - when focus is on getting things done – Not judging, increases probability to succeed.
  • Bias free environment – results in bonding, camaraderie and One goal focus - if there is bias it reduces enjoyment and confidence to challenge.

The Results

  • An Action Learning journal by participants: To Create a more inclusive work place, ensure decision making is balanced and raise the bar of performance.
  • Introspection: Self awareness.

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