What are future work skills relevant in a dynamic and constantly changing work place?

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The Client: Workshop for the CFO Team of a multinational investment bank and financial services company.

Brief: The CFO’s Team at the bank had identified a group of 15 high-potential VP’s in the APAC region, to develop and retain them as part of the Talent Pool. What can be done to equip them with future work skills to build internal capabilities and get them Role-ready for the future and to grow in the organisation?

The Need

  • Understand the benefits of thinking as a Leader.
  • Identify strategies for leveraging/leading teams effectively and how to get the best out of others.
  • Identify actions on how to step up and show up as leaders.

The Measure: Apply the specific work skills and identify behaviours that showcase the skills in real-time.

What We Did: Always Client First

  • Interviews with Business Head, HR Partners and Learning & Development Team.
  • Determine the big picture.
  • Understand opportunities and concerns.
  • Expected outcomes and context.

The Intervention:

  • Develop will/skill to ensure cohesive and harmonious work place where there is trust and respect.
  • Equip oneself with Future Skills at work, demonstrate shared leadership and be agile in working/thinking.
  • Mindset to work on improving oneself, owning the process and bringing one’s best selves to work.

Game Changers:

  • High energy activity to elicit potential future work skills and its significance and impact in work place - teams facilitated in multi-locations; Program run as classroom session for pax and other locations connected through virtual and audio.
  • Best In Class experience: Powerful stories from across industries of how individuals have been torchbearers and created transformational experiences in their companies by applying various Future Work skills.
  • Using Affinity tool facilitated the relevant Future work skills within their team.

Result: Discussion with supervisors on specific action plans and presentation to Global CFO.

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