Mind Over Matter Quiz

Mind Over Matter Quiz

Internal Quiz for a Law Firm

A Law Firm major was keen to create a memorable evening for their client, an evening that would give opportunity to the two teams to engage with each other as one team and have fun, away from work.

Our past experiences of conducting Mind Over Matter, Corporate Quiz was an exciting proposition for the Law Firm. To re-create the magic of the Corporate Quiz in terms of creative & intuitive questions, competitive spirit, fun prizes and build in a unique round tailor designed for the group - this was our brief.

Teams were a mix between the Law firm and their client which had people immediately breaking the ice, bonding and experiencing a high level of camaraderie. As the questions were intuitive, it had people engaging in discussions, taking part boisterously and celebrating with laughter. A total unwind from the formality of the routine work!

Positive feedback from the Clients has led to more such engagements.

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