Launch Pad - Setting Goals and Achieving them

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THE STORY: “ENGAGEMENT” and “REALIZATION OF NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS”. Make resolutions and achieve them. Overcome the struggle to fulfill them.

The Client – One of the world’s biggest, oldest, most valued Relocation Company.

Target Audience – Program for a highly discerning women audience, wives of the high net-worth clients who have re-located through them.

The Need – Techniques and tips on how to engage, be aware, understand need to have goals and lead up towards realizing it. How to overcome difficulties in realization, how to engage and balance between one’s own well being and the family’s and community.

The Measure – Make Goals for 2016 and identify steps on how to achieve it.

What We Did:

Always – Client First Craft new year resolutions and create a resolve to achieving it. Identify common challenges and develop techniques to circumvent them. Learn steps to engage and stay in balance between one’s own well being and the community.

And More:

  • Reinvent your self.
  • Creating a new life.
  • Rediscover yourself.
  • Making the most of yourself in every moment.
  • Harness your full potential.
  • Rekindle your passions and or create new passions.

The Intervention

  • Custom Designed Program.
  • Partnership to drive the objective of this coffee morning meet.
  • Memorable by connecting to real time.

And that’s not all

  • NLP techniques.
  • High engagement, experiential and participant driven agenda to create involvement.

Game changers

  • To reflect on 2015: success and learning.
  • Create roadmap for 2016: Based on new goals and past learning.
  • Learn tips and techniques to identify challenges and overcome them.
  • People are aware of the change needed and choose to own it.
  • Measurable change in individual behavior.
  • Wider adoption as there is a sense of choice, rather than force.

The Results

  • Ladies designed their own goals in a structured manner.
  • Introspection: Self awareness.
  • Applied NLP techniques to overcome hurdles.

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