NLP Power - Understanding & Application

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THE STORY: Create change that is NOW, For the BETTER and FOREVER in one’s personal & professional life.

The Client – American Women’s Organization AWA’s branch – WOW (Women On The Way Up)

Target Audience – Program for a highly discerning women audience

The Need

  • Overcome emotional challenges.
  • Enhance self-esteem.
  • Manage Relationships.
  • Overcome compulsive behavior.
  • Changing thinking patters – Set paradigms that are positively impactful.

The Measure

  • Understanding basics of NLP, significance and impact.
  • Develop a new transformed self – self awareness of strengths and areas for improvements.
  • Identify areas where once can add value and expand their circle of influence.
  • Real-time application: Equipped to practice and apply.
  • Identify action plan.
  • Practice and apply steps to achieve success in achieving both personal and professional goals.

What We Did:

Always – Client First

  • NLP
  • Self-realization activities.
  • Activity based.

And More:

  • Real time application.
  • Practice and application of 4 NLP techniques.

The Intervention

  • Custom Designed Program.
  • Partnership to drive the objective of the meet.
  • Memorable by connecting to real time.

And that’s not all High engagement, experiential and participant driven agenda to create involvement.

Game changers

  • Awareness, Assessment and Action.
  • Ease and confidence to apply to any challenging situation in future.
  • How NLP can help?

The Results

  • Change patterns/tendencies.
  • Change negative feelings to positive.
  • Feeling of disempowered to feeling empowered.
  • Change feeling of anxiety/fear to confidence and courage.

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