How to Manage Self, Lead Others and Achieve business outcomes by setting new benchmarks of performance

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The Client: One of the largest apparel export houses providing multi-country manufacturing and multi-product offerings. Workshop for Managers.

Brief & The Need: As the nature of business is dynamic, there is need to be agile and flexible, develop a growth mindset to adapt and lead the changes within the organization, develop accountability, work collaboratively and thus take initiatives to be a leader of change, equip the team with future skills at work relevant for their industry.

What we did: Always Client first:

  • Develop capabilities and learn tools & techniques to be an effective Leader.
  • Learn to work within and across teams collaboratively.
  • Own the task and own the results by working effectively with people.
  • Learn key people management skills to create results for their businesses.


Manage self:

  • Your behavior style.
  • Your Management style.
  • Your values and that of company.
  • Company’s big picture and its influence on your action.

Manage Others:

  • 360 profile: perception of self-versus-others.
  • Teamwork.
  • Communication.
  • Influencing.
  • Goal Setting.
  • Giving & receiving Feedback.
  • Conflict to collaboration.

And that’s not all Experiential, Simulations, Post program, Coaching session, 360 pre and post.


  • Learn behaviors that bring out best in self and others.
  • Collaboration at work place to create a cohesive and trusting environment.
  • Gauge own strengths and managerial style to chart their development plan.
  • Create productive and motivated teams.

Result: Measure positive behavioural changes through post 360 and compared with pre.

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