Unconscious bias - let's move from Knowing More to Doing More

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The Story: To bridge the gap between ‘Knowing’ and ‘Doing’ in context of Unconscious Bias.

The Client: Professional Services Major.

Target Audience: Across Teams

The Need: To know the impact of Unconscious bias at the work place and Self-awareness of their biases followed by self-help techniques, such that employees themselves are able to overcome the biases and not allow it to affect decisions. Thus, move from unconscious to conscious and be aware of one’s own biases.

The Measure: Identify the biases and the negative influence in personal and professional life.

What We Did?

  • To highlight how bias plays out at workplaces & its impact on business outcomes, relationship between colleagues and company. Iceberg Theory: Ask & Empathy
  • Scenario specific discussions with impact. Technique to overcome bias
  • Call out Bias: Technique to eliminate bias
  • Create New Normal : New work place with Trust

Always – Client First

  • To experience practical impact of Bias at workplace: Scenarios, Role-playing. How beliefs create results, Powerful technique to overcome bias at workplace. Identify short cuts developed over time that we all use to make decisions.

And More

  • High energy activities.
  • Devise the 3 steps to transcend biases.
  • Craft the actions steps.

The Intervention

  • Custom Designed Program
  • Storytelling techniques
  • Case-lets
  • Memorable by connecting to real time

And That’s not all

  • High engagement, experiential and participant-led agenda to create involvement

Game Changers: Learning

  • Create an environment that is bias free. No bias- when focus is on getting things done – Not judging, increase probability to succeed.
  • Bias free environment – results in bonding, camaraderie and 1 goal focus.
  • Enjoy, if there is bias it reduces enjoyment and confidence to challenge.
The Results: An Action Learning journal by participants: To Create a more inclusive work place, ensure decision making is balanced and raise the bar of performance. Cover the entire team. Increased commitment by Executive team by taking to next level by running Inclusive Leadership Sessions.

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