Ways of working Together as Team

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The Client: Leading Secondaries Private Equity Platform

Brief: To run 2 sessions. The client is holding their first Strategy Session for the team - a young, growing and high performing team that is consistently achieving high standards of productivity. As a follow up to their Strategy session - time dedicated to building effective communication skills using techniques and tools that can be used to build both internal and external communication skills. And second session on Team Building - time dedicated to having fun and bonding as a team.

The Need

    Communication: 3 Themes

  • Sharp Communication - Talking to CXOs - make conversation attention grabbing.
  • Work with different people - Know each other’s style and communicate in their language.
  • Trust - Build an environment that is open to constructive feedback.
  • Team Building: 3 themes

  • Enjoy working with each Other - Have fun.
  • Building a team with care & appreciation - Know each other, Empathy, Bonding.
  • Team Norms - Collaboration, creativity & curiosity.
The Measure: Apply the specific work skills and identify behaviours that showcase the skills in real-time.

What We Did?

Always – Client First

  • Interviews with Business Heads
  • Engage with Team
  • Determine the big picture
  • Understand opportunities and concerns
  • Expected outcomes and context

The Intervention


  • Formal and Informal Communication
  • Attention-grabbing Communication with CXO’s : Technique, practice and application
  • Celebrate the Difference: Know yours and other’s preferred communication style, be empathetic, Speak in the other person’s language
  • Earn Trust, trust parameters, Own your improvement
  • Ways to give constructive feedback

Team Building:

  • Team Building Skills
  • Stay curious and creative
  • Bonhomie - Enjoy working with each other
  • Learn behaviors to bring out the best in yourself and others through accountability
  • Enjoy working with each other
  • Facilitate a collaborative work environment to achieve best results at work

And That’s not all

  • Activity based facilitation
  • Videos
  • Simulated activities
  • Experiential activity
  • Facilitative debrief
  • Fun games

Game Changers

  • Self-assessment to know your communication style and others.
  • High-powered debrief to ensure application back at work.
  • Connecting the learning from Communication session to the Team building session.
  • Connecting the Strategy discussion among the team to the learning in the workshop.
The Results: Qualitative and quantitative positive feedback from the CEO and the entire team.

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