Year end Leadership team bonding and celebration

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The Client: A Bank Major – Hong Kong Leadership Team.

Brief: The team is holding its year-end Team Building meet. A high performing team achieving high standards of productivity. Time dedicated to having fun and bonding as a team.

The Need

  • A team’s day out to explore and apply the experience back to daily life: personal and professional. It is the time for bonding and camaraderie among team members. The team activity will also bring out the corporate values of the bank.
  • Apply skills in personal and professional life.
The Measure: Apply the specific work skills and identify behaviours that showcase the skills in real-time.

What We Did?

Always – Client First

  • Interviews with Business Heads
  • Engage with Learning & development Team
  • Determine the big picture
  • Understand opportunities and concerns
  • Expected outcomes and context

The Intervention

  • To foster appropriate team behaviour
  • To facilitate mindset shift from fixed to growth
  • To strengthen trust among team member
  • Bonhomie - Enjoy working with each other
  • Oneness with company values

And That’s not all

  • Activity based facilitation
  • Videos
  • Simulated activities
  • Experiential activity
  • Facilitative debrief
  • Fun games

Game Changers

  • Up In The Air: To work as 1 team.
  • Boot Camp Activity: mental, physical, acting, singing talent at display to elicit value of trust at the work place, it’s significance and impact.
  • Human Prop Activity: To check team’s creative and kinesthetic skills to align self and company values.
  • Dragon Dance: Creating local flavour, creating cross functionals and multi-purpose teams to elicit elements of a Growth Mindset. Its significance and impact at workplace.
The Results: Qualitative and quantitative positive feedback from the CEO and the entire team.

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