Why a Quiz?

RECREATING A THRIVING ENVIRONMENT: Our extensive experience in engaging with over 50+ corporate and 20000+ employees has helped us understand their need to go beyond the routine and seek meaningful outlets that rekindle the spirit of positive competition and yet entertaining too!

REKINDLE THEIR PASSION: Professionals go through the everyday challenges of corporate life and the demands of achieving the highest levels of excellence, they sometime neglect their own passions and stop feeding their need for curiosity and instinct.


TSol is a Learning Solutions firm based in Hong Kong and India, covering APAC, focussing on custom designed programs around Skills, Behaviours, Attitude, Strategy, Storytelling For Leaders, Data Storytelling, Future Work Skills, Employee Engagement, Assessments, Diversity & Inclusion, Mind Over Matter Quiz for Corporates and Schools and more.

We work with businesses, to help them find the right learning solutions for their employees - interventions which are intuitive, engaging, interactive and practical.

We have run over 2000 programs across different industries and are able to garner this experience to deliver a compelling transformation through customisation and localisation.


Vikram Achanta

Very happy to have Vikram Achanta coming back to Mind Over Matter, 2020 - read more about him here: Vikram lives in Delhi, with his wife and 2 children, and when he's not grappling with the challenges of entrepreneurship, likes to write, run and quiz. He writes for a variety of Indian and International publications, including The Hindu, The Man, Outlook, Outlook Business, Outlook Traveller, Man's World, Indian Express, Drinks International, Spiritz Magazine, Sommelier India and Forbes India.

Vikram is a co-founder of Tulleeho, a drinks training and consulting firm. He is also a co-founder of www.tulleeho.com, a drinks website and BarX a fledgling e-commerce venture.

He is also founder of Studwala, an initiative to aggregate used football equipment and then distribute the same to civil society organisations who run football and life coaching programmes for under privileged children.

Vikram Achanta is an Economics Graduate from Delhi University, following which he completed his MBA from IIM, Kolkata in 1992. He then spent 9 years as a management consultant, first with Tata Consultancy Services and then with IBM Global Services. In the year 2000, he turned entrepreneur, setting up Tulleeho.

Vikram has been quizzing since his days at school. 6 years ago, he helped revive open quizzing in Delhi, by successfully co-hosting quizzes in bars and pubs in the National Capital Region, and over the last few years, has hosted over 125 such quizzes.

Laura Dodwell-Groves

Omniana - Pieces of information concerning everything. As a quiz master, Laura is continually garnering and sharing omniana. UK born and Hong Kong raised, with a couple stops in Singapore, Shanghai and Singapore, Laura has explored many pathways - from a Masters in Sociology and then later a Masters in Children’s Literature, she is beginning to bring the paths together again. When not entertaining pub goers and corporations with her trivial knowledge, Laura works with a local food charity and does research into learning and sustainability.

Laura was also one of the Quizmasters at Mind Over Matter for the last 4 years.


Diksha Shetty

My name is Disha Shetty and I am currently studying Communication Design at Parsons School of Design in New York. Being raised in Hong Kong and studying in New York, I love city life but also enjoy travelling, outdoor activities like hiking, and love playing sports - especially field hockey. I have previously worked as a graphic designer for publication companies and charities, and as an illustrator for children’s books. I am very interested in going into graphic design for journalism and working in editorial and interaction design for news companies.

Sumit Thapa

I am Sumit Thapa one of the photographer volunteers for the MoM CQ20 event. I am a recent graduate of Information Technology for Business from Coventry University. I am currently working part-time in Christian Action as Youth Ambassador but I am looking for an opportunity in the IT field.


Tiffany Soerianto

Hello! My name is Tiffany Soerianto and I am a student from Indonesia. I came to study in Hong Kong through the Belt & Road Scholarship, which I'm immensely thankful for. I enjoy reading self-help books, hiking and recently started motivational speaking at my University.

Srijana Kafle

Hi, I graduated from Birmingham City University in Business Administration and also have done Associate degree in accounting from City University of Hong Kong. Currently, am working as credit control for Aetna International. I am also a co-founder of The Education for Change Limited. The Education for Change Limited is a company where it facilitates various educational related services to ethnic minority students and local students through their apps called EFC.

Brendan Ng

Hi! I’m Brendan, and I am currently a sophomore studying Quantitative Finance at the University of Hong Kong. I work part-time as a math tutor. Over the years, I’ve involved myself in planning service activities or volunteering in them. Apart from that, I also like writing reflections about topics such as past life experiences and the books I read.


Go beyond routine
Seek meaningful outlets that are entertaining
Spirit of positive competition
Feed the need for curiosity and instinct

Hong Kong Corporate Quiz awakens those pillars of life.